Rating list

Kirby South East Asia Co., Ltd.Initial ratingBuilding materialsvnA-Stable10/05/2022See more
Free Land Joint Stock CompanyExpiredReal estate developer---See more
Phu Hung Life Insurance Joint Stock Company (PHU HUNG LIFE)SurveillanceLife InsuranceConfidential-07/06/2022See more
Phu Hung Assurance Joint Stock Company (PAC)SurveillanceNon-life InsuranceConfidential-13/09/2022See more
Ngoc Thien Global CorporationIn progress of initial ratingMetal production----
APEC CompanyIn progress of initial ratingReal estate developer----
AAC CompanyInitial ratingReal estate developerConfidential-06/09/2022See more
HANO-VID CompanyInitial ratingReal estate developerConfidential-06/09/2022See more
TNH Hotels & Resorts Management & Investment JSCSurveillanceAccommodation ServicesConfidential-13/12/2022See more
TNPOWER Energy JSCSurveillanceEnergyConfidential-16/11/2022See more
THANH VINH Realty Investment & Development JSCIn progress of initial rating
(Surveillance for 2023, 2024, 2025)
Real estate developer----
TNR Holdings Vietnam Real Estate Investment Development JSCSurveillanceReal estate developerConfidential-12/01/2023See more
AMERICAN Property JSCSurveillanceReal estate developer---
VIET HAN Trading – Advertising – Construction – Real Estate JSCSurveillanceReal estate developer----
Sao Vang Tay Do Construction CorporationInitial ratingReal estate developervnBBBStable05/10/2022See more
TNL Property leasing & Investment JSCInitial ratingProperty leasing----
Thanh Thanh Cong - Bien Hoa Joint Stock Company (SBT)Initial ratingSugar IndustryvnA+Stable30/12/2022See more
VIETJET Aviation Joint Stock CompanyInitial ratingTransportation - AirlinevnBB+Stable27/03/2023See more
Thanh Thanh Cong Industrial zone Joint Stock CompanyInitial ratingReal Estate LeasingvnAStable26/05/2023See more