General introduction


We are extremely proud and honored that Saigon Ratings (SGR), an independent Credit Rating Agency (CRA), has been a pioneer in the financial market and has been licensed by the Ministry of Finance for credit rating activity; and at the same time Saigon Ratings is the first domestic CRA, has performed the function of providing credit rating services in the Vietnamese market.

Saigon Ratings with its Mission and Vision to become an independent credit rating agency for national brands and a leader in the Vietnamese market. We are committed to accompanying the Issuers and the community of domestic and international institutional and individual investors to strive step by step to create and expand the Credit Rating culture in the national financial market.

Saigon Ratings aims to promote transparency and efficiency of the market by removing barriers to information asymmetry; thereby helping Vietnamese businesses have the opportunity to open up investment capital and provide independent, objective and reliable information for institutional and individual investors in the national market.

The development philosophy of Saigon Ratings is becoming an organization of continuous learning, creating a working environment, a unique organizational culture and a human resource policies to attract and retain talents. All members of the organization committed to working together effectively, a long-term companion to build sustainable organizational development; we share difficulties, challenges and successes.

Business registration office Department of Planning and Investment of HCM City granted a business registration certificate on July 30, 2015. Enterprise code 0313375448.

And after the process of appraising dossiers from 2015 to June 2017 of 07 ministries and branches: Finance, Public Security, Justice, Planning & Investment, State Bank, State Securities Commission and People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, Ministry of Finance issued Certificate No. 01/GCN-DVXHTN qualified to provide credit rating services on July 2015

Up to now, Saigon Ratings has been operating and providing services to the Vietnamese market for 3 years. Saigon Ratings provides credit rating products and services to corporate, financial institutions and debt instruments in the market by the practices and standards of global credit rating agency as well as strictly comply with the Vietnamese laws.

Capital structure


  • People whose values are in line with company culture are the most valuable assets and the basis for organization strengths.
  • Appreciate individual values, reward outstanding individuals and build a valuable culture to attract talents.
  • Encourage the full participation of all members of the company in sharing Saigon Ratings mission, vision, as well as challenges and success.
  • Continuously learn, innovate and change to improve service quality, as well as to follow high value and goals.
  • Have absolute compliance with professional principles and standards of the international Credit Rating Agencies, to ensure the Objectivity & Independence, Integrity, Transparency; and Code of ethics in all business activities.
  • Saigon Ratings ensures the quality standards of credit rating services provided for all corporations and institutions in the market. We always respect the legal regulations and our business principles.


Saigon Ratings considers the benefits of Clients, Investors community, and the national economic development as our benefits.


  1. A modern system of management for organization improvement.
  2. High quality human resources.
  3. Business processes align with standards of international CRAs (Big Three CRAs).
  4. Rigid and efficient internal control procedures.
  5. Valuable culture to attract talents.


1. Implement a long-term international credit rating training strategy for professional staff.
2. Professional capacity, ability, and experience in implementing Credit Rating.
3. Official member of the Association of Credit Rating Agencies in Asia (ACRAA).
4. Providing services in accordance with the professional quality standards and practices of the world’s CRAs.
5. High-quality informational data resources.
6. Transparent fee policy.