The process of credit rating activities is established, issued, and applied consistently within Saigon Ratings organization.

The process of credit rating activities is a part of business operations, in accordance with the legal procedures Saigon Ratings must comply with to provide credit rating services for enterprises and other debt instruments on the market (herein after called clients).

The credit rating process is a document in the portfolio of Saigon Ratings’s internal control system to ensure the prevention, detection, and timely handling of risks in credit rating activities.

The process of credit rating activities is established based on Saigon Ratings’s business process system. The Board of Directors is fully responsible for managing, supervising, and organizing the implementation of a credit rating process.

Professional business processes, including the Working Regulation of the Analyst and the Rating Committee, and the Code of Ethics, are an integral part of the Credit Rating Operating Process.

In any case, any group or individual having willful acts contrary to the credit rating operation process which affect the work quality, falsifies rating records, and influences the brand reputation of Saigon Ratings will be considered, handled, and disciplined appropriately.

Managers, business managers, analysts, and Rating committee members, during the performance of their rating duties assigned in each Contract must comply fully and strictly with the regulations of the internal control system.

The process of credit rating activities specifies the functions, duties, and power of the Board of Directors; each rating Division and Committee; and authority and responsibilities of the individuals involved in the rating activities.

The Board of Directors, the relevant functional departments and individuals have the responsibility and obligation to improve according to the working flowcharts, coordinate the implementation and complete the work with a high sense of responsibility.


1. Scope of regulation:

The process of credit rating activities has been adjusted and regulations applied consistently within Saigon Ratings.
The process of credit rating activities is consistent with the business and technical operations when Saigon Ratings performs the credit rating service contract with clients.

2. Subjects of application:

  • Board of Directors;
  • Management and business personnel performing the contract;
  • Rating analyst team;
  • Rating committee.


Credit Rating Process

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