Saigon Ratings’s code of conduct

Saigon Ratings provides Opinions in the form of Credit Rating Disclosures and In-depth Research Reports on matters relating to the reliability of financial obligations of Issuers (enterprises, financial institutions) or Debt Instruments.

The Saigon Ratings’ Code of Ethics is established according to International Securities Commission (IOSCO) standards.

Saigon Ratings issues and consistently applies the Code of Ethics to ensure that all members of the organization have a responsibility and an absolute compliance with the principles of Independence; Transparency and Integrity; and Internal Control System.

The Code of Ethics is understood as, the Code of Conduct for all members of the Saigon Ratings organization (referred as Saigon Ratings Code).

Through the Code of Conduct, Saigon Ratings strives to protect the integrity of the credit rating system to ensure that issuers and investors in the market have benefits protected and receive fair treatment.

Saigon Ratings’ system of professional operations and credit rating includes:

  1. Credit rating process.
  2. Credit rating methodologies.
  3. Business process system.
  4. Business process and operational mechanism Analysts.
  5. Operation regulations of members of the Credit Rating Council.
  6. The process of updating, evaluating and continuously improving the quality of credit rating analysis and evaluation.
  7. Internal control system.
  8. Historical records of the Rated Issuers and Issue.

The Saigon Ratings Code has 6 basic sections as follows:

  1. Quality and integrity of the credit rating process.
  2. Independence, Objectivity and Conflict of interest.
  3. Saigon Ratings’ responsibilities to Rated Entities and Investors.
  4. Organization management, risk management and staff training.
  5. Publication of Saigon Ratings Code and Information Communication.
  6. Implementation of Saigon Ratings Code.
Download the aggregated Code of Conduct here