Saigon Ratings recruits senior business managers.

Director of Northern Regional Sales Development is in charge of business development, external affairs and communications, exercising powers according to assigned functions and duties and delegating decision-making authority.


  1. Personnel who are recruited, appointed and perform duties are members of the organization’s Business Division, with the title of Director of Northern Regional Business Development. Personnel directly working reports to the General Director; at the same time perform duties in accordance with regulations on functions, responsibilities and powers approved by the Board of Directors.
  2. Personnel are responsible for working with other senior members of the Business Division, advising the Board of Directors in carrying out the tasks of researching, evaluating, planning and organizing the implementation of the organization’s comprehensive business development strategy and plan in the long term, medium-term and annual.
  3. Take full and direct responsibility to the Board of Directors for the efficiency, quality of work and results of the implementation of monthly, quarterly and annual business development goals within the scope of assigned work.
  4. Coordinate closely and effectively with members of the Business Division, in regularly performing the task of researching, evaluating and forecasting all market fluctuations; at the same time, associated with researching insights into the activities of potential competitors in the domestic market, to promptly make proposals on feasible competitive solutions to promote business development on a monthly and quarterly basis within the scope of tasks assigned by the Board of Directors in the Northern region.
  5. Quarterly carry out the task of researching, surveying, measuring and assessing the ability, capacity and competitive position of Saigon Ratings in the market, prices, fees and quality of services provided and the creditworthiness of customers, to promptly advise the Board of Directors on plans to continuously improve capacity and competitiveness in the market.
  6. Create, connect, maintain and constantly expand the development of markets, business partners and potential customer networks in the North. Carry out consulting activities to provide credit rating services to potential customers in the market to ensure quality requirements, effectively and regularly aim to accomplish business development objectives.
  7. Ensure the completion of business development targets, including revenue, business partner system and customer network of the Northern market region according to monthly and quarterly plans assigned by the Board of Directors.
  8. Fulfill responsibility for absolute compliance with the organization’s internal control system, organizational culture and policies, management regulations.


Candidates need to meet the requirements of the following basic standard conditions:

  1. Candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree in Economics or higher and have at least 5 years of working experience in equivalent positions in corporations, companies or large financial institutions with domestic and foreign prestige
  2. Candidates must have good English proficiency. Good ability and experience in communication and presentation activities in Vietnamese and English.
  3. Candidates must have the ability to research and learn quickly to be able to have a deep understanding of credit rating activities, have a foundation of computer knowledge and have good skills in the application of information technology in brand communication marketing activities.
  4. Candidates must have practical ability and experience in networking, communication, presentation and customer consultation activities; At the same time, they have understanding, legal knowledge and have a lot of practical experience in negotiating and signing contracts with customers.
  5. Candidates who are suitable for the organizational culture and have the desire to work for a long time and stably in the organization; associated with personal career advancement opportunities.


  1. Personnel are fully entitled to benefits and regimes of salary, health insurance and social insurance in accordance with the law.
  2. Personnel are working in a humane environment and a culture that attracts talents, with a special remuneration gratitude policy for employees on salary and bonus regimes (quarterly, year-end) that are highly competitive in the market; policy of high-quality special medical care; annual travel resort and outstanding ISOP policy benefits for employees.
  3. The business personnel management policy of the organization is to always encourage employees to constantly improve the sense of responsibility, individual achievements, collective achievements; associated with increasing income sources from adequate salary and reward regimes.
  4. Saigon Ratings’ Board of Directors encourages, expects talented candidates to apply for jobs successfully; at the same time, stick with long-term cooperation to be able to become senior analysts, good experts and/or managers at all levels of the organization.


Personnel work at the Representative Office in Hanoi.


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